2014 RobotX Final Standings

RobotX 2014 Final Standings 

(1) S$20,000 –  MIT-Olin (Olin College/MIT)

(2) S$15,000 – Team Angry Nerds (KAIST) 

(3) S$12,000 – Team QUT Queensland University of Technology  

(4) S$8,000 – Team Minion (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)  

(5) S$7,000 – Team Sharky (National University of Singapore)

(6) S$6,000 – Osaka Union RobotX Team (Osaka University)

Land-Based Judging

(1) S$5,000 – WORX (FAU/Villanova)

(2) S$3,000 – MIT-Olin (Olin College/MIT)

(3) S$2,000 – Team Minion (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)

Best website 

S$1,000 – WORX (FAU/Villanova)

S$1,000 – Team Angry Nerds (KAIST)

Best paper

S$1,000 - MIT-Olin (Olin College/MIT)

S$1000 - Team QUT Queensland University of Technology  

Best Design presentation 

S$1,000 – WORX (FAU/Villanova)

Special Awards - S$500 for each award

Team Sharky (National University of Singapore)– Early Submission; highest qualifying score 

SUTD Seals (Singapore University of Technology & Design) – Disaster Recovery 

NTU Leviathan (Nanyang Technical University) – Persistence in the Face of Adversity

Team Minion (Embry – Riddle Aeronautical University) – Humanitarian Award: Aid of University of Tokyo; Fastest Speed Gate 

MIT-Olin (Olin College/MIT) – Open Source Award; Technical Band-aid for helping SUTD

WORX (FAU/Villanova)- Learning the difference between theory and practice 

Team QUT (Queensland University of Technology) Innovation/Environmental Monitoring Award

UON RobotX (The University of Newcastle) – Drag Race Winner: Fast, Friendly, Fearless and Fashionable 

Top Cat (Flinders University / University of Tasmania) – Using Boat for Teaching Hydrodynamics and Sandbar Research

Waza (Tokyo Institute of Technology) – Innovation Award: airblowing lens cleaner, ultrasonics use

Osaka Union RobotX (Osaka University) – Positive Energy in all things – Exceptional ‘WA’

Horizon Blue (University of Tokyo) - Never giving up, getting in the water 

Team MoMo (Seoul National University)  - Lessons learned:  The Real World Differs from the Laboratory

Team Angry Nerds (KAIST) - 2nd highest qualifying round; consistency in Task 5

Legacy 2014 (University of Ulsan) – Breaking academic boundaries; moving into new areas of study

Team MoMo (Seoul National University) – Lessons Learned:  The real world is different from the laboratory

Team Sharky (National University of Singapore) – Highest score in the qualifying rounds