Can we partner with schools from the other participating nations?

You may not partner with the international schools, but you may partner with another US school.

Are there any limitations as to the size of the team?

There is no limit to the number of members a team may have, but at least 75% of the team members must be full time students at any level (undergraduate and graduate). Not all team members need to be present at the competition, but they must identify how many will travel to Singapore for the competition, and convince us that they can support the travel.


Collaborative teams are encouraged. All teams will be evaluated based on the published criteria. Only one vehicle will be provided to each team, regardless of the number of partners.

Are the teams allowed to have land-based (off-board) sensors during the competition trials?

Teams are NOT permitted to install hardware on shore, temporary or otherwise. The vehicles must include autonomy and sensing packages as part of their on-board suite of capabilities. It is permitted to sense and adapt to the actual environment AS-IS.

Are teams allowed to use other support platforms for their sensors that are not land-based?

While land-based off-board sensors are not permitted, teams may use distributed sensors tethered to the main USV. These must all be integrated parts mounted on the host platform at the start of the mission, and must be recovered prior to crossing the finish line. Once the team’s time starts, (during execution of the course tasks), the tethered craft may be launched and recovered autonomously to augment the sensing capabilities of the primary USV platform.

Are there CAD models available for the WAM-V?

Official CAD models are not available for these platforms.  Some teams have expressed interest in building models, as well as performing Computational Fluid Dynamics analyses.  Students are permitted to do this on their own and are permitted to share the results with other teams as they see fit.

Where can we find more information about the WAM-V platform?

Information is available on the RobotX website, in the 'About the Boat' section.  If you need more information, please send an inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the Technical Director will respond in a reasonable time frame.  Please do not contact the manufacturer directly.

If we have solicited sponsors for our Team, may we put their corporate markings or logos on our craft for the competition?

Yes, provided that they are applied to the craft as delivered. No structural or cosmetic modification should be made to the craft to accommodate sponsor logos.

When will information be available describing the course components (size, shape, color, etc) and related information?

We are in the process of specifying the markers for course boundaries and the individual tasks, including size, shape and color of the buoys, docking bay symbols, acoustic pinger information, and the flashing light. Once that information is available it will be posted to the competition website, along with more detailed rules.