2017 RobotX Forum

The RobotX Forum is an opportunity for the RobotX community – academia, senior officials and industry leaders – to gather and share knowledge and gain insights in preparation for the 2018 Maritime RobotX Challenge.

The inaugural Maritime RobotX Forum was held in Sydney, Australia December 13-15, 2017.

We intend that the RobotX Forum will occur regularly on the years between the biennial RobotX Challenge. We are grateful to Australia for hosting the first Forum and thoroughly enjoyed the informative and dynamic exchange of information.

2017 RobotX Forum Opening

Watch all the recorded sessions from the 2017 RobotX Forum here!

Who was there:

  • National Support Committees
    • Organizations that support or want to support RobotX teams in their countries
    • Current and prospective
  • Robotics Teams
    • Selected authors who will present a technical paper on autonomous vehicle systems (click for more info)
    • Competition teams eager to share feedback and experiences from previous RobotX events
    • New teams interested in RobotX
  • Industry
    • Technology
    • Research
    • Exploration
    • Oil & Gas
    • Energy
    • And more…Autonomy is an advancing global technology!

If you are interested in additional information on the RobotX Forum, please contact Julianna Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..